Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flight to Germany!

Were finally here! It felt like it took forever but we finally boarded the plane and wen to Germany. The flight there took about 8 hours and there wasn't much to see. Lots of clouds! the screens on the plane were really high-tech! they were touch screen and you could watch tv and movies and even listen to music for free. I watched the second hobbit movie, then tried to sleep for the rest of it. This was in vain. I sat there for pretty much the rest of the flight with my eyes closed and didn't sleep at all. Sitting to my left was Efrain at the window seat. To my right was a very cute girl who was on her way back home from a student trip where she stayed for 6 months. We talked a fair bit and she was very nice. The only problem was she was 25 :P We never got a chance to say goodbye. When we got to Iceland it was very cloudy and you couldn't see anything until we were very close to the ground. it was very green, flat, and rocky. It was also insanely windy and raining a fair amount. To get off the plane, they rolled up a stair truck, and we ran down the stairs and into the buses that took us to the terminal. My friend from the plane (we never exchanged names) got onto the bus ahead of me and was gone before I got the chance. The flight to Germany was very long and boring with nothing to see. we flew over a bit more of Iceland and the UK, all of it under clouds. The German airport was very clean and quiet. Germany is like a more laid back version of the US. The sinks there were very confusing! For times sake im cutting this short and just including the flying :P